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I have struggled with chronic daily pain for 10 years after a car accident, which ended my bodywork career. I’m a holistic practitioner and I own two massage/acupuncture clinics and endless amounts of treatment only offers temporary relief. I have known for years that the underlying issue is inflammation at this point. On the first day of taking the CBD oil I slept better and I felt calmer, by day 4 I noticed that I wasn’t ‘noticing’ my chronic neck pain. I didn’t expect the effects to be immediate and I’m looking forward to what the future holds with this oil! I now sleep better than ever and my neck pain is at a manageable level and rarely disrupts my daily life.



Child with anxiety and agoraphobia:

I am so impressed with CBD oil….my 16 yr old daughter has been on at least 4 different anxiety meds over probably the last 5 yrs with very little benefit. This child has been fighting severe anxiety and agoraphobia since at least the age of 4. We have shed many tears over the yrs watching her struggle to just be a normal kid. She started taking the CBD drops and it’s only been a week but for the first time she said tonight “I actually feel like a normal kid” to hear her say that is the best thing I have ever heard her say. My cup runneth over! This stuff is AMAZING! AMEN!!!


Honeycalm Journey

We are in this together. We are a team. Life is a group effort. This is the basis for our philosophy. This is why we invite you to share your stories with us. Let us know how you discovered CDB and what your circumstances are.

Working for many years helping people to reclaim their self-confidence through physical procedures, opened my eyes to the overwhelming need for balance. Trying so hard to maintain appearances and position and success can be extremely stressful, even debilitating for many. Everyone can benefit from the potential soothing and calming effects of CDB products. Together with a healthy and active lifestyle, the regular use of premium grade cannabidiol extracts can mayimprove the overall quality of life for many people.
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Why Do People Take CBD?

In general, most people take CBD for its calming effects to help with anxiety. Chronic pain, insomnia, and depression are the next most common reasons for CBD use. This has been confirmed by surveys conducted by a range of marketing firms. People use it because it offers them relief.

Although not approved by the FDA, Current someresearch shows suggests thatCBD causes provides atherapeutic benefit to those who use it. In some studies, a calming effect has been demonstrated and some debate has arisen as to exactly what the effects are. For sure, research potentially suggests shows a reduction in stress and anxiety and pain relief, all of which calm the patient. This calming effect has been referenced as the source of the therapeutica benefit. Because people calm down and stress is lowered there seems to be an overall effect of balance. In researching the effects of cannabis CBDon the human systems, researchers have discovered an endocrine network that they refer to as the endocannabinoid system. As it turns out, the human body produces substances that are similar to the cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. These are called endocannabinoids or endogenous cannabinoids. They are produced by our bodies. They play key roles in helping our bodies run smoothly. Research suggests that the body produces them as needed. This might explain why some people are deficient and respond very well to CBD. The exact workings of the endocannabinoid system have arenot yet been completely underunderstood.


Honey Calm CBD oil, uses only the most high-grade premium natural ingredients and cannabidiol extracts available. Just one drop may help to reduce stress and give you the honey calm feeling.

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